Entries by Jaclyn Kemp

Marvin D Williams Jr

Age: 22 Previous Club: Tokyo – Cinq Reves Height: 6’8” Pre Match Superstition: Praying to Jesus before games Career Highlight: 35 points & 7 rebounds for Tokyo-Cinq Reves Most Points scored in a game: 35 Hobbies: Reading the bible, playing video games, watching movies

Josh Melaney

Age: 21 Previous Club:  ACB – Australian College Basketball Height: 6’2” Pre Match Superstition: Make 100 game shots. Career Highlight: Participating in camps and basketball at the Australian College of Sports and AIS. Most Points scored in a game: 49 pts. Hobbies: Music, Film, Basketball.

Yassine Ghomari

Age: 26 Previous Club:  Port City Power Height: 6’1” Pre Match Superstition:  Must have my pre-game coffee! Career Highlight: Senior in high-school, hitting a near half-court shot on the buzzer (down 2 pts) to win in the regional Championship game. Most Points scored in a game: 40 pts. Hobbies:  Playing all types of sports, Hiking, […]

Dylan Owen

Age: 16 Previous Club:  Gladstone Height: 6’ Pre Match Superstition: Get a good feed! Career Highlight: Being 14yrs old in the Gladstone Power Team. Most Points scored in a game: 49 pts in Men’s Gladstone Comp.