Entries by Jaclyn Kemp

Markel Walker

AGE: 25 POSITION: Guard/Forward PREVIOUS CLUB: Ponce Puerto Rico HEIGHT: 6’1 PRE-MATCH SUPERSTITION: Don’t split poles HIGHLIGHT:  MOST POINTS (Juniors or seniors): 38 points HOBBIES: Watching TV/movies

Madelyn Willey

AGE: 21 POSITION: Point Guard PREVIOUS CLUB: Power HEIGHT: 178cm PRE-MATCH SUPERSTITION: Straighten my hair HIGHLIGHT: 2015 power season MOST POINTS: 31 points in 2013 QBL season HOBBIES: Hanging with loved ones

Maddie Dryburgh

AGE: 18 POSITION: Small Forward PREVIOUS CLUB: Gladstone QBL HEIGHT: 167 PRE-MATCH SUPERSTITION: I have to put my left sock and shoe on first HIGHLIGHT: Being apart of the QBL team MOST POINTS (Juniors or Seniors): 15 HOBBIES: Sports and travel

Kiah Guinea

AGE: 18 POSITION: Guard PREVIOUS CLUB: Gladstone HEIGHT: 171cm PRE-MATCH SUPERSTITION:  I put my left shoe on first every time before I play or train HIGHLIGHT: Playing with and against high profile players MOST POINTS (Juniors or seniors): 54 points HOBBIES: Spending time with family and friends, playing sport

Kerah Nelson

AGE: 25 POSITION: Guard PREVIOUS CLUB: Forssa, Alku HEIGHT: 5’11 PRE-MATCH SUPERSTITION: Don’t split poles HIGHLIGHT: Senior year in college beating the number one seed in front of there home crowd of about three thousands fans MOST POINTS (Juniors or seniors): 40 points HOBBIES: I’m very active, I’ll try almost anything

Kaitlyn Stratford

Age: 13 Position: Small Forward Previous Club: First season in QBL Height: 176cm’s Pre Match Superstition: Don’t have one yet! Highlight: Being given the opportunity to play with a QBL team in my second year of playing basketball scoring 6, 3 pointers in the one game at CDC’s Most Points: First year in QBL but […]

Hailey Purcell Moala

AGE: 28 POSITION: Guard/Forward PREVIOUS CLUB: Auckland Counties Manukau Lady Hawks HEIGHT: 176cm (5ft 10″) PRE-MATCH SUPERSTITION: Some kind of morning walk HIGHLIGHT: Playing with all of my sisters in the NZ national league MOST POINTS: 23 HOBBIES: Babysitting my nieces and nephews